Eventful Beginnings

I have flown in and out of London perhaps a half dozen times over the last two years. Whenever I land at Heathrow, the song Vande Mataram plays in my head. This is of course a symptom of watching Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham far too many times. England is in no way a country that I consider my own—but it definitely is one that I am comfortable in. Everything from the language to the sports played in local parks remind me of a version of home.

It’s a funny thing, traveling—a classmate once told me that she loved airports and plane rides. You are brimming with anticipation, ready to explore a new city or excited to see family and friends on the other side. I’ve never been particularly fond of airplane rides myself—being jet-lagged and cramped for a 10-hour journey—but there is something to be said for expectations and how they can color your experience of a place.

I have been told multiple times to keep my expectations of India very low—so that I can be pleasantly surprised. Well, upon touching down in Delhi about 2 hours ago, I was informed that none of my luggage made it here! The adventure begins already–I’ll be going shopping tomorrow morning before orientation starts with my roommate (who also lost all her luggage) and I’m sure that it’s all uphill from here.

I’ll post a bit about my time in the UK sometime this week–it really was a marvelous (and exhausting!) 6 days in England. Check out my Instagram for some photos from my time with Manu. 


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