Think-tanks, Cricket, Smartphones, Partition

Think-tanks or corporate lobbying?: I have long considered a career working at a DC think-tank–this article really thereby opened my eyes to the fact that thinktanks have turned into “thinly disguised” lobbying firms due to cash incentives provided by corporations seeking to protect their own interests. Of course, many think tanks still do important work but we need to take steps to keep corporate money out of our policy. Props to Elizabeth Warren for speaking out about this travesty.

Nationalism and Cricket: Why sports don’t transcend politics–and how sport fields have become a site for not just national recreation–but national re-creation.

Is Technology Killing Us?: Found this a compelling read–we spend upwards of 5 hours a day on our phones! I know that I feel lost when I don’t access wifi all day. How can we find a digital-experiential life balance?

Hyderabad 1948: I’ve always understood Partition to be regionally focused in Punjab and in Bengal. Little did I know that Partition greatly impacted Hyderabad too. As the largest princely state at the time of independence, the Nizam had the option to join either India or Pakistan–or remain otherwise autonomous. To ensure that Hyderabad State remained part of India (and to prevent Pakistan from occupying three separate spaces–one in the midst of India), the Indian army annexed the state, leading to over 40,000 deaths due to communal violence and police-sanctioned killings.


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