Women, Work, World

How Can More Women be a Part of India’s Workforce?: Interesting article that postulates that if public transit improved, so would women’s labor force participation (LFP) rates in India. Mobility is a key deterrent for women’s LFP–along with cultural norms and lack of skills.

Fidel Castro dies: Being American, I grew up learning that Fidel Castro was a dictator and human rights violator–upon his death, I realized that his life and character were more nuanced than I had realized. His literacy and health campaigns were wildly successful and Cubans received universal free health coverage decades before mainstream Americans really even considered such a possibility.

What does Trump mean for Global Development: If America cuts back on international aid, Africa will take the biggest hit, by far. USAID might get abolished–if Gingrich gets his way. And what really will happen to the rest of the world if America really becomes isolationist and puts itself first? The future isn’t looking too bright.


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